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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you do Weather & Surf Reports?

No, we don't. Other companies specialise in weather graphics and surf reports. Our graphics are often included or grouped with graphics provided by other companies.

2. Do you compute the sun, moon, and tide data?

We compute sun and moon data, and although we have tide prediction software, we do not compute tide data. There are several reasons for this, the most important one being credibility. Therefore, we purchase raw data from "Official" sources such as the NOAA in the USA, Flinders University in Australia, and Land Information NZ in New Zealand. We feel that what you publish should be the best and most accurate data available, and it should agree with the information supplied by your government authorities.

3. What do you actually do?

Starting with your order and design template, our software:

4.Why can't my staff do this in-house?

If you have staff who have such a flair, they can! But you will find the work tedious and time consuming, and very prone to errors. Many newspapers come to us tired of typesetting errors, and bored staff who would rather do more productive and interesting chores.