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Pricing and terms of supply
Our prices are composed of a one-off design setup fee, plus an annual fee.

Prices are based on the complexity of the graphic, the media industry, the circulation or readership, and the cost of raw data.

Terms Of Supply

The terms of supply will vary according to the individual characteristics of each project.

The following is provided to indicate normal arrangements:

  1. We usually supply graphics or data for one year in advance.
  2. We grant you license to publish the information in an agreed form.
  3. This license is not transferable to other publications or third parties, without permission.
  4. While we take reasonable care and precaution to check and verify supplied data, we assumes no responsibility or liability from claims resulting from errors or omissions, or public use of the information.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due on the 20th of the month following the date of invoice.
  6. OFU does not grant exclusive publishing rights; however, every effort is made to provide exclusive designs to publishers in competitive markets.
  7. Design alterations and re-supply of product will attract additional charges.